The history of Ahead School

Teaching children and adults around the world since 2015

My family moved to England in 2015, which marked the beginning of an exciting chapter in our life. Children have always been a significant part of it: I had my first child back in 1997, then becoming a mother again, and again and again!

I love to teach and to learn. I also like to organise events remembered with warmth and joy – children’s camps, workshops, birthday celebrations. For many years I have been organising various children’s camps and running art and maths workshops for them. First there were creative camps in Belarus and Ukraine, then came the AML (Austrian Sports and Maths Camp).

I am passionate about teaching maths to little ones and older students. I started tutoring early on, but the idea of creating an online school emerged in 2015 – when my children started taking Skype lessons and I began teaching my first students online. Gradually, the concept of the school took shape, comprising different aspects of education – for example, the specific educational needs of bilingual children.


Svetlana Vodolazskaya, Head Teacher 

How does the school work?

Ahead School does not have an address; it is remote. There may be thousands of kilometres and several time zones between us. 

We use modern technology, for example electronic whiteboards, which allow a teacher and several students to write and draw at the same time, upload problems and discuss solutions.

The duration of each class is usually 60 minutes, but can vary with age

The amount of homework is agreed with parents and students and depends on the goals. If the goal is to pass an exam, then homework is necessary. If the main objective is to expand the student’s horizons, we can do without any homework.